As temperatures decrease slightly, the outdoors become more inviting. Now is the time to start planning your Fall parties.

Ninos Bakery, Fall Cakes, Cookies, Pies and more

September 22nd is officially the first day of Fall. For us, the average September temperature is only marginally cooler than the summer months, and the average rainfall is only slightly less.

However, when October and November roll around, temperatures and rainfall decrease even more – along with the insect population – making these months perfect for outdoor gatherings.

What to Eat

Apples are in season and are a great fall treat. They can be also used for games (Bobbing for Apples.)  Nino’s Bakery has a variety of apple treats, including:

  • Apple Pie
  • Apple Cobbler
  • Apple Butter Pancakes
  • Apple-topped Pancakes

Cookies and cupcakes are easy to keep and easy to eat. Keep your hands free for games with some of these fall treat ideas from Nino’s Bakery:

  • Apple Strudel Cupcakes
  • Iced Maple Leaf Shaped Cookies
  • Iced ‘Fall Leaves’ Cookies

Finger foods and mini-quiches are always a hit at parties. We have an assortment of dishes to choose from and can cater your next event.


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