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Planning a party doesn’t have to be scary, check out these Halloween Party Planning Tips, Tricks & Treats

Halloween is one of the easiest parties for which to decorate.  You can literally stop dusting and use tattered household items for decorations!  Set up a spooky atmosphere and your guests’ imaginations will take over.

Is that red Kool-Aid over there? Nope, it’s the “blood of my enemies” and those aren’t frozen grapes floating in the punch.

How to Decorate

  • Remove a few light bulbs to make the lighting dimmer. Or buy colored lights.  (Check with your guests before using a strobe or flickering light, as they can cause seizures and migraines.)
  • Use dark cloth, like a sheet or towel, to cover tables and countertops.  Create extra mystery by using the cloth to cover your “To Do” pile instead of moving it – which can create many more mysteries later on.
  • Put some scary music or sound effects on, but turn it down. Thinking you heard a strange sound is scarier than hearing someone shriek on a CD.
  • Blacklights have become very affordable.  Blacklight fluorescent bulbs work better than the incandescent type. White colored items and standard yellow highlighters glow brightly under a blacklight. You can create glowing objects by putting the highlighter felt in a container of water.  Did you know tonic water also glows well under a blacklight?

What to Serve

  • Soak fruit overnight in a red drink. You can use a flavored drink mix or a combination of juices such as cranberries.  Put fruit in it drink mix the night before so that the fruit has time to absorb some of the red coloring. Cut fruit that has a skin, such as grapes
  • For snacks, put out a simple fruit, vegetable and/or cheese platter, but add some crackers with strawberry jelly. Dribble the jelly towards the center of the dish for decoration.
  • Turn simple Spaghetti into a worm pie by decorating it with pepper and serving it in a small dish.  Use a creative name when serving your main course to turn simple Ziti, Chicken Parmesian, or Meatballs into a dish fit for a monster.
  • Dessert has lots of options, from cherry pie to shaped cookies and cup cakes.

Simplify your party planning even more, let Nino’s handle the food. From a Jack-O-Lantern cake to Halloween decorated cupcakes and iced cookies, we’ve got you covered!