Lizzi Scott, patriotic singer


A golden voice that will knock your socks off

June 30

Weather Permitting

6 – 9 PM


Reservations are requested. Please call 941-833-8912

Two-drink minimum or one food item from our Event Menu.

Definition of a Superhero:

Combat Gear and Courage
Discipline and Motivation
Fearless and Focused
Service Before Self

* Air Force * Army * Navy * Marine * Coast Guard *
Have you thanked a Superhero today?

One day is not enough to honor and recognize that we live in the Land of the Free because of the Brave. I will carry your sacrifices in my heart daily. Thank you to all my military hero’s: past, present, living and remembered for your selfless service.

To the hero’s we have lost, to the ones right beside us, and to the ones I hope to meet, recognition will not stop today. Each day I will remember…

Love always,

Lizzi Scott, patriotic singer