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(941) 833-8912
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3151 Cooper Street • Unit 52, Punta Gorda, FL 33950


Specialty breads, hot from the oven; rolls, pastries & donuts fresh baked. Remember when there was jelly in a jelly donut, real custard in an éclair?



We sell to businesses, restaurants, nursing homes and care facilities. If you would like more info about ordering, click below.


Bread Schedule

Mmmm... Fresh Bread from the oven! We bake our breads on a regular schedule so you know when to come in and pick up your favorites.


Current Specials

9" Pizza Rustica (Meat Pie)
Italian Cheesecake:
Our special recipe!


Catering &

Order sub-sandwich platters, hor d'oeuvres and pastry trays. Breakfasts and Coffee Urns. Delivered when and where needed.


Broaster Chicken®

Discover Genuine Broaster Chicken for lunch or take home for dinner! Crispy & light. Juicy & delicious. It's THAT GOOD!*


Call or come in to purchase Bakery & Lunches! We're open 7 days a week.

Monday - Friday 7AM to 5PM ♦ Saturday - 7AM to 3PM ♦ Sunday - 7AM to 2PM


Later this November, Nino's is EXPANDING! We'll have room for more tables so we can serve you better at lunchtime & throughout the day.

Come in for a meal - or come in for a cup of our great coffee and a pastry!

Nino's Bakery is a family-owned business founded in 2006.

Originally, we focused on baking bread and pastries for restaurants and sandwich shops. In 2008, the bakery began to sell retail at the Downtown Farmer's Market in Punta Gorda on Saturday, and the History Park Market on Sunday. Today, we operate a full retail bakery, serving bakery to the public and wholesale. During the week, you can purchase lunch - and even have it delivered!

In our retail shop, you can expect to find classic Italian pastries and butter cookies that melt in your mouth. All our cookies are made with 100% butter and are delicious!

  • Cannolis, Napoleons, Sfinge, Sfogiatelle and Lobster Tails
  • Traditional American cookies such as Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, and Peanut Butter
  • Italian butter cookies melt in your mouth
  • Many varieties of Biscotti


Wholesale deliveries run from Monday through Saturday. Orders must be placed the day before by 3 p.m. One of the things that makes Ninos so great, is that their bread is made to order, without preservatives or fillers. There is no need to worry about saw dust being a main ingredient in the wheat bread at Ninos. The bakers will work with chefs to customize many of the products to suit their restaurant's needs, from specially flavored dinner rolls, to custom cakes and desserts.


Ninos can also fill your catering needs. They can do sub sandwich platters, hor d'oeuvres, or even pastry trays. Stop by for pricing on cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings.


Genuine Broaster Chicken®

Nino's serves Genuine Broaster ChickenAvailable starting Sept. 8th!

Better than fried - it's been an American favorite for more than 60 years.

Specially cooked in a Broaster Pressure Fryer, we have been trained and certified to offer you this specialty in Punta Gorda!


Combo Meals

2 Piece, 1 Side, Fountain Drink ~ 5.99
1 Breast, 2 Sides, Roll ~ 5.49
2 Piece (White Meat), 2 Sides, Roll ~ 6.69
2 Piece (Dark Meat), 2 Sides, Roll ~ 5.69
2 Piece (Mixed), 2 Sides, Roll ~ 6.19
3 Piece (White Meat), 2 Sides, Roll ~ 8.19
3 Piece (Dark Meat), 2 Sides, Roll ~ 7.19
3 Piece (Mixed), 2 Sides, Roll ~ 7.69

Family Meals

8 Piece, 2 Sides, 4 Rolls ~ 19.99
8 Piece Chicken Only ~ 13.99
12 Piece, 3 Sides, 4 Rolls ~ 28.99
12 Piece Chicken Only ~ 19.99
16 Piece, 4 Sides, 8 Rolls ~ 36.99
16 Piece Chicken Only ~ 24.99
20 Piece, 5 Sides, 10 Rolls ~ 42.99
20 Piece Chicken Only ~ 28.99

Individual (1/2 Pint) 1.79 ~ Large (1 Pint) 3.59