Nino’s Bakery & Cafe

Experience the NEW Nino's Bakery & Cafe! NOW OPEN

Hours Open

Tuesday – Saturday, 7 AM-3 PM
Sunday, 7 AM-2 PM
Closed Mondays

Order Pizza Pies by 2:45 PM

Nino's lunch sandwiches


Dine here, inside or on the Patio
Take-Out available
Take n Heat classic dinners: purchase frozen. They heat quickly at home.

For Breakfast

Breakfast Sandwiches

Includes One Egg, One Meat, & One Cheese
Meat: Bacon, Ham, or Sausage,
Cheese: American, Cheddar, Provolone, or Swiss
Extras available

Bread Choices

On a Roll  

On a Brioche

On a Bagel

On a Croissant

Nino's Breakfast Croissant

Yogurt Parfait

A healthy cup of vanilla yogurt, berries, house made granola

Bagels, Pastries & Quiche

Bagel Flavors: Everything, Onion, Plain, Poppy, Sesame, Salt. Choose buttered, cream cheese, flavored cream cheese (chive or honey-walnut)

Lox Schmear Bagel, with smoked salmon cream cheese spread

Extra toppings available

French Toast Bake, with cinnamon brioche & vanilla custard

Quiche: Bacon, Spinach, or Mediterranean

Egg Bake: Meat Lovers, Denver, or Spinach (with tomato, Feta, chive)


American Coffee

American (Hot) Coffee, 16 oz.

Iced Coffee, 16 oz, or 24 oz

Regular or Decaf

Nino's American, espresso, cappuccino, specialty coffees


Milk: Whole, 2% Skim, Oat or Almond

Cappuccino, 16 oz

Iced Cappuccino, 24 oz

Latte, 16 oz

Iced Latte, 24 oz

Double Shot Espresso, Topped with Frothed Milk ~ Add French Vanilla, Caramel, or Chocolate Syrup

Café Con Leche, 16 OZ
Double Shot Espresso, with Steamed Sweetened Milk

Tea & Soda

Fresh Brewed Fountain Tea, 24 oz.
Sweet & Unsweet

Hot Tea, variety available

Florida Orange Juice (bottled)

Florida Lemonade (bottled)

Florida Strawberry Lemonade (bottled)

Chai Latte, 16 oz

Iced Chai Latte, 24 oz
Also available as a Frappé

Sodas & Water (bottled)

Adult Coffee

Italian, double shot of espresso with Sambucca

Old Fashioned, chocolate espresso frappé with bourbon

Irish: double shot of espresso with Bailey’s & Jamison

Mudslide: French Vanilla Espresso Frappé with Baileys, Kahlua, & Vodka

For Lunch

8″ Subs & Sandwiches

Available on White or Multigrain Sub Roll – Served with Lettuce & Tomato, Chips. Choose American, Cheddar, Provolone, or Swiss Cheese

Ham and Cheese

Turkey & Cheese

Roast Beef & Cheese

BLT, with 6 slices of bacon, lettuce & tomato

Turkey Club, with turkey, bacon & cheese

Italian, with ham, capicola, salami, pepperoni, & Provolone

Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, or Egg Salad

Pizza – whole pies 16″ & 20″, or by the slice

On Nino’s own NY style crust. Eat in or To Go.

  • Cheese Pizza
  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • Choice of up to 3 additional toppings
  • Get a full pie or by the 20″-pie slice

Hot Sandwiches

Served with Chips

Hot Caprese, melted mozzarella, tomatoes & basil oil. Served on a sub roll.

Cuban, ham, pork, Swiss cheese, pickles & yellow mustard. Served on a sub roll.


Dressings include Ranch, Italian, Blue Cheese or Balsamic Vinaigrette

Garden Salad, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, onions,banana peppers, black olives. 
* Add 2 scoops of chicken, tuna, or egg salad

Chef Salad, our Garden Salad topped with ham, turkey, American cheese, & hard boiled egg

Antipasto Salad, our Garden Salad topped with ham, salami, pepperoni, & Provolone