Nino’s is an Exceptional Bakery

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Custom Cakes for All Occasions

Red Velvet cake, Nino's
We have ready-made cakes everyday in our Bakery for you to enjoy. But when you need something really special - you can order a custom specialty cake from Nino's! Cakes for parties and events, wedding cakes and more, call us ...

Fresh Baked Pies at Nino’s Bakery

Fresh Baked Pies at Nino's Bakery
Apple Pies, Pumpkin Pies, Custard Pies, Pecan Pies, all fresh made from Nino's Bakery, Punta Gorda. Call 941-833-8912 to order ...

Nino’s Fresh Baked Cookies

Nino's Bakery, cookies, Italian cookies, iced cookies for special occasions, great for gifts
We've been baking cookies for decades! Family recipes, all house made with the best ingredients. Try our special Italian cookies in a wide variety, along with other international favorites ...

Nino’s Bread, Fresh from the Oven

Nino's Italian Bakery, Punta Gorda FL
Breads at Nino’s are made with real, wholesome ingredients; unbromated flours, real butter, FL sugar and yeast for leavening. The types of breads change daily. White, wheat and rye loaves of bread are made everyday. Bread provided for commercial accounts. Call to order ...

Pastries – Light, Crispy & Delicious

Pastries - Nino's Bakery, Punta Gorda FL
Nino's bakes a delicious array of pastries every morning. From breakfast pastries to croissants, cinnamon rolls, muffins, scones, eclairs, cream puffs, strudels and Italian specialties, ask about trays for business meetings and other parties ...