Updated: June 2023

How We Service You

When you visit the NEW Nino’s Cafe, there are 2 kiosks to serve you better and faster. For Breakfasts and Lunches, please come all the way to the end of the counter to order your coffee, beverages and meals.

Beer, bottled sodas, water and juices can be chosen on your way in. The refridgerated cabinet is near the entrance. Please bring your choices to the meal kiosk for payment. Wine and cocktails are available on request.

We make fresh iced tea several times a day. Please order with your meal, we’ll give you a cup to serve yourself from the dispenser.

Take n Heat dinners and pizzas are also near the entrance in the freezer cabinet. Please bring your choice to either kiosk for payment.

If you are purchasing only Bakery items (and coffee), there is a kiosk at the halfway area of the counter.

Find a seat while you wait only 5 – 10 minutes for your meal. We’ll call you when it is ready to come to the counter to get your food.

If you have accessibility needs or need assistance getting your food, please let us know. We’re always happy to help!

Something not quite right?

We work hard to take good care of you. We appreciate that you have chosen to spend your time at Nino’s!

If something isn’t right when you are with us, please alert us at the counter. When you bring a problem to us, it helps us grow and get better. And we would much rather ‘make it right’ than have you not happy when you leave Nino’s.

Reserving seating

While we don’t take reservations anymore, we love to accomodate everyone! If you are coming with a large group, especially during the Winter season, please give us a call to let us know you are coming! Even if you call just before you want to come to Nino’s – it still helps us to have seating ready for you. 941-833-8912

Thank you for your understanding!
The Nino’s Family & Staff

Entertainment Policy

NOTICE: We’re sorry, we no longer offer any entertainment. Thank you to patrons and to our wonderful entertainers who made Nino’s @NIGHT fun!